By taking off and destroying the Privatization Agency plaque we want symbolically to start the process of abolition of the institutions which have been acting against the interests and the existence of the majority of Serbian citizens since its creation. It is just another step of our organization in fighting the capitalist actions against workers and peasants. We also want to set an example for other workers and to show them the way we should fight in the future.


For years we have been leading the battle against the privatization in Serbia and we have organized numerous protests, trying to call the attention to the systematic destruction of economy for the sake of just a few people. Workers’ fight had the effect and caused the reconsideration of numerous illegal privatizations, but the whole robbery system still exists. The current state fight against the corruption goes into the wrong direction, because there is no abolition of the institutions responsible for the biggest robberies. We want to say very clearly that there is no chance for an economic recovery without the abolition of the Privatization Agency and the privatization capitalist policy. Only then we will be able to create an alternative economy under the democratic people control which will benefit all citizens and care for the common goods, the land, the natural resources and the environment.

We do not care about the fact we have committed an illegal act. It is an absolutely legitimate action when we look at the unconstitutional actions of the Privatization Agency and their effects on the workers’ standard of living and the unemployment rate. It is an absolutely legitimate action because our future must be built on the completely new anti-capitalist and anti-privatization foundations.

We call to workers for solidarity and continuous fighting.

Until the victory is won!