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The Way of SYRIZA – Strategy and Current Development

– Interview with Yiannis Bournous By Filip Krantić and Milenko Srećković (FreedomFight.net) In the last elections in Greece anti-austerity leftist political party SYRIZA was on the verge of taking power and still has a good chance for that in the next elections. At the same time, some critics from the left accuse this party of softening its current anti-capitalist policy. […]


Golden Dawn leader arrested on charges of forming a criminal organization

Greek police have arrested the leader, several MPs and dozens of members of ultra-right Golden Dawn party on charges of leading a “criminal organization.” The party promised to respond with mass rallies of its supporters. Greek police issued arrest warrants for Golden Dawn leader Nikos Michaloliakos, party spokesman and MP Ilias Kassidiairis, two other prominent members, at least five other […]


Golden Dawn Leader, Top Officials Arrested

By Demetris Nellas, Huffington Post ATHENS, Greece — Police arrested the leader and other top officials of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party on Saturday on charges of forming a criminal organization, in an escalation of a government crackdown after a fatal stabbing allegedly committed by a supporter. It is the first time since 1974 that a party head and sitting […]


50.000 march on Golden Dawn headquarters in Athens

As the antifascist left stages an impressive show of force and numbers, the government finally embarks upon a belated crackdown on the neo-Nazi party. By Jerome Roos On September 26, 2013, roarmag.org A week after antifascist hip-hop singer Pavlos Fyssas was murdered in cold blood by a gang of Golden Dawn thugs, tens of thousands of antifascist protesters staged an impressive rally and marched on the Golden Dawn […]