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The Expensive Consequences of Cheap Food: An Interview with Raj Patel

By Milenko Srećković Raj Patel is the author of the bestseller “Stuffed and Starved – The Hidden Battle for the World Food System” and the most recent book “The Value of Nothing” – named after famous Oscar Wilde’s aphorism ‘Nowadays, people know price of everything and the value of nothing’. In his book he criticizes a dominant attitude towards food […]


Digging in for a new food system in Ireland

Interview with Fergal Anderson After years of involvement in the work of social movements in Europe and Latin America, young Fergal Anderson with his partner Emanuela Russo, who he met a few years ago in Barcelona, decided to go back to his homeland and start a small vegetable farm in county Galway, Ireland. By Pavle Antonović and Vladimir Bogićević (FreedomFight.net) […]