ola-flyumSrebrenica: A Town Betrayed a Norwegian documentary film directed by Ola Flyum and David Hebditch is now free to watch in Youtube. The film approaches Srebrenica tragedy from a bit different viewpoint than usual in Western mainstream media. Norwegian documentary about Srebrenica challenges generally accepted narratives about the 1995 massacre giving light to the civil war in Bosnia and Herzegovina from non-biased point of view. It also connects Srebrenica into a wider context that is often ignored by the Western media, showing the crimes committed by the Bosnian army against Serbian civilians and villages in the area. These atrocities may also partly explain why some war crimes happened later in Srebrenica.

Sarajevo Richochet – documentary revealing how al-Qaeda used Bosnia as a training ground, money-laundering centre and forward operation base during the Civil War of 1992-95. Also, the betrayal of the people of Srebrenica by the Sarajevo government in advance of the massacres of July 1995.