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The Unacceptable Easiness of Killing – on Western Terrorism
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The Unacceptable Easiness of Killing – on Western Terrorism

By Milenko Srećković Often repeated statement about the greatest crime on European territory after WWII being committed in Srebrenica seems like being designed to hide the fact that the greatest crimes after Hitler were committed precisely by European states and countries of European descent, such as United States of America. Such crimes, of much greater proportions than the one in […]

Political Will Crucial for Eradicating Hunger
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Political Will Crucial for Eradicating Hunger

Freedom Fight Info editor Milenko Srećković talked with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Olivier De Schutter for Serbian Daily Politika. Freedom Fight Info presents you that interview in English. Interview with Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food By Milenko Srećković Since it is estimated that world population will grow to 9.7 […]

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Anti-landgrabing campaign in Serbia

By Pavle Antonović (FreedomFight.net) Anti-landgrabing campaign in Serbia – launched by the Pokret za slobodu (www.pokret.net) several years ago as a part of its broader struggle against criminal privatization and corruption – points out that the process of the Serbia’s accession to the European Union will in fact benefit only those deeply involved in privatization theft in the last decade. […]


Digging in for a new food system in Ireland

Interview with Fergal Anderson After years of involvement in the work of social movements in Europe and Latin America, young Fergal Anderson with his partner Emanuela Russo, who he met a few years ago in Barcelona, decided to go back to his homeland and start a small vegetable farm in county Galway, Ireland. By Pavle Antonović and Vladimir Bogićević (FreedomFight.net) […]

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Adolf Hitler’s Birthday Gift – Memorial to Gavrilo Princip

By Vladimir Bogićević (FreedomFight.net) In this photo Adolf Hitler is inspecting his birthday gift – the memorial taken away from Sarajevo, dedicated to Gavrilo Princip, Serbian assassin of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This assassination, one of the many that were committed all around the world at that time, was used by Austro-Hungarian Empire as a pretext for attack on Serbia, […]