AcoTodorovicOur comrade and associate Aleksandar Aco Todorović (1955-2014), the leader of  ‘’The Erased’’ from Slovenia, is found dead in Ptuj, Slovenia.

Todorović, together with his friends, managed, after two decades of struggle, to force republic of Slovenia to acknowledge administrative ethnic cleansing of the Slovenian citizens with non-Slovenian or mixed origin (mostly Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Roma) during the Slovenian secession from SFR Yugoslavia in 1991.

The consequences of ‘’erasing’’ from the citizens registry were tragic and many of these dozens of thousands ‘’erased’’ are still having painful and long-lasting scars because of the lost of all human rights they were entitled to in the republic of Slovenia.

We’ll remember him by his brave and persistent struggle for justice, as well as by his supportive relation with his associates, in spite of difficult conditions he was living in. We deeply regret his death; Balkans lost one of its bravest man.

Freedom Fight Movement

(Pokret za slobodu)