After finishing his first documentary ”Just a Witness” (2016) that gives account of the Albanian ethnic cleansing of Roma people in Kosovo, ethnic cleansing that was supported by NATO troops, the author Milenko Srećković continues his work of recording testimonies of the victims of Great-Albanian fascism in Kosovo. Here you can see how to support the filming of the documentary.

”Just a Witness” had two public screenings since it has been finished in July this year and it will be shown on many international documentary film festivals. The only festival where it has been banned is the International Human Rights film Festival in Albania. Read more about it here:

The next documentary Milenko Srećković is working on is about the imperialism in Kosovo and how international community contributed to Albanian repression over ethnic minorities. The film will be dealing with the state of human rights in Kosovo after NATO bombing in 1999. The aim is to show to the international audience the complete devastation of the society in Kosovo that occurred after NATO took over the control over the province. At the same time, the aim is to show how American military intervention brought chaos in this part of the Europe.

You can support the work on this documentary through Paypal payment:

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