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Unlearned Lesson of War in Bosnia

By Milenko Srećković Military interventions of international forces, which opt for one of the parties in religious-sectarian conflicts, only stir up already started wars and increase the number of their victims. For many, that interventionism began during the war in Bosnia. Mick Hume, editor of the British magazine “LM”, who criticized media reporting on events of those years and opposed […]

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Report from the “Workers’ Economy” international meeting, January 31 and February 1, occupied factory of Fralib, Marseille.

Fralib is a herb processing and packaging factory located 20-odd kilometres away from the southern French port city of Marseille. The previous owner of the factory, chemical and agri-food giant Unilever, decided 3 years ago to move production of Lipton tea abroad to save on labour costs. The 80 workers, through protest and boycott campaigns, have demanded that the factory […]

Political Will Crucial for Eradicating Hunger
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Political Will Crucial for Eradicating Hunger

Freedom Fight Info editor Milenko Srećković talked with the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food Olivier De Schutter for Serbian Daily Politika. Freedom Fight Info presents you that interview in English. Interview with Olivier De Schutter, UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Food By Milenko Srećković Since it is estimated that world population will grow to 9.7 […]

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Wind, Water and Solar Power of Preserving Life on Earth – interview with Mark Z. Jacobson

In this exclusive interview for Freedom Fight Info, Mark Z. Jacobson, professor at Stanford University, talks about concrete solutions for climate changes and about alternatives to technology that is threatening the very life on earth as we know it. By Milan Srećković How much was done in US on converting to renewable energy and how much time it will take […]

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Petition for Nobel Peace Prize to Bradley Manning

Supporters of Bradley Manning, the US soldier convicted of espionage for leaking secret files to WikiLeaks, presented a petition to the Nobel Institute on Monday backing his nomination for the Nobel Peace Prize. The petition, launched by the online activist organisation RootsAction, was signed by over 103,000 people who claim that Manning helped shorten the Iraq war by leaking secret […]