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In Memoriam: Aleksandar Aco Todorović (1955-2014), the Leader of ”The Erased”

Our comrade and associate Aleksandar Aco Todorović (1955-2014), the leader of  ‘’The Erased’’ from Slovenia, is found dead in Ptuj, Slovenia. Todorović, together with his friends, managed, after two decades of struggle, to force republic of Slovenia to acknowledge administrative ethnic cleansing of the Slovenian citizens with non-Slovenian or mixed origin (mostly Serbs, Croats, Bosnians and Roma) during the Slovenian […]

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Report from the “Workers’ Economy” international meeting, January 31 and February 1, occupied factory of Fralib, Marseille.

Fralib is a herb processing and packaging factory located 20-odd kilometres away from the southern French port city of Marseille. The previous owner of the factory, chemical and agri-food giant Unilever, decided 3 years ago to move production of Lipton tea abroad to save on labour costs. The 80 workers, through protest and boycott campaigns, have demanded that the factory […]

Debate: Social resistance to neo-liberal policies in Serbia – on 3rd February, in Paris
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Debate: Social resistance to neo-liberal policies in Serbia – on 3rd February, in Paris

A l’initiative de l’Assemblée Européenne des Citoyens, Attac, l’Association pour l’Autogestion, Information-débat sur les résistances sociales aux politiques néo-libérales en Serbie Avec Milenko Srećković  LUNDI 3 FEVRIER, à 18h, CICP, 21 ter rue Voltaire, Paris 11è. Pendant plus de deux décennies – après le démantèlement de la Yougoslavie – la Serbie a subi des crises permanentes accompagnées de guerres, de […]

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POKRET ZA SLOBODU removed Privatization Agency plaque…

By taking off and destroying the Privatization Agency plaque we want symbolically to start the process of abolition of the institutions which have been acting against the interests and the existence of the majority of Serbian citizens since its creation. It is just another step of our organization in fighting the capitalist actions against workers and peasants. We also want […]

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Adolf Hitler’s Birthday Gift – Memorial to Gavrilo Princip

By Vladimir Bogićević ( In this photo Adolf Hitler is inspecting his birthday gift – the memorial taken away from Sarajevo, dedicated to Gavrilo Princip, Serbian assassin of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This assassination, one of the many that were committed all around the world at that time, was used by Austro-Hungarian Empire as a pretext for attack on Serbia, […]