Ola Tunander - research professor at the Peace Research Institute Oslo.
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Ola Tunander: Main reason for NATO intervention against Serbian army was falsified

Professor Ola Tunander, from the Peace Research Institute in Oslo, claims he was told by several sources that, after the investigation, NATO concluded that the Bosnian Army forces controlled by Alija Izetbegović are responsible for shelling of Sarajevo’s Markale Market. But this incident was misused to legitimize NATO intervention in 1995 against Serbian side in Bosnian war. STOCKHOLM, AUGUST 20 […]

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Al-Qaeda Camps in the Balkans

SKOPJE, MACEDONIA – Nimetula Imer (38), from the village of Grcec near Skopje, was killed in Syria, where he fought with the rebels against the military forces of President Bashar al-Assad, reported Serbian daily Novosti, quoting Albanian media. Imer is the third Albanian guerilla from Macedonia killed in the ranks of rebels in Syria, where he fought under the name […]

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Interview with Milenko Srećković on ”Workers resistance to deindustrialization and land grabbing”

The current urban transformations in Serbian cities are closely related to the process of de-industrialisation, the new entrepreneurial urbanism as well as to the change from social to state and private ownership. Yugoslavia was a country of workers, that is, of working people. What effect did these changes had on the workers of former public firms? And what is their […]