By Vladimir Bogićević (

Spomen ploca HitlerIn this photo Adolf Hitler is inspecting his birthday gift – the memorial taken away from Sarajevo, dedicated to Gavrilo Princip, Serbian assassin of Austro-Hungarian Archduke Franz Ferdinand. This assassination, one of the many that were committed all around the world at that time, was used by Austro-Hungarian Empire as a pretext for attack on Serbia, which started the World War I. Princip was a member of multiethnic organization ”Young Bosnia”, composed mostly of Serbs, Muslims and Croats, who strove for liberation from Austro-Hungarian rule, and creation of a State of united South Slavic countries – Yugoslavia. For Hitler, obtaining the Princip’s memorial was a symbolic compensation for the defeat of German Army in the First World War and a retaliation for Serbian resistance to German imperialistic goals. In the course of the WWII, it was ordered that hundred Serbian civilians must be executed for every killed German soldier, which applied only to the territory of Serbia. As the Centennial of Sarajevo assassination and the beginning of WWI is approaching, revisionist-minded historians are trying to remove the war responsibility from Austria-Hungary and Germany, and throw it on Serbia.

Gavrilo Princip