SKOPJE, MACEDONIA – Nimetula Imer (38), from the village of Grcec near Skopje, was killed in Syria, where he fought with the rebels against the military forces of President Bashar al-Assad, reported Serbian daily Novosti, quoting Albanian media.

Former Macedonian intelligence officer, Ivan Babamovski.
Former Macedonian intelligence officer, Ivan Babamovski.

Imer is the third Albanian guerilla from Macedonia killed in the ranks of rebels in Syria, where he fought under the name of Nimetula Hu, using the last name of his wife, Chinese citizen.

According to the “Almakos”, informative portal in Albanian, Imer was killed in the Syrian city of Latakia.

Previosly, two Albanians from Macedonia were killed in Syria in the ranks of rebels. Sami Abdullah, mullahs from Skopje, who fought in the ranks of the mujaheddin units during the war in Bosnia and Herzegovina, in the terrorist groups of the Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA), in the territory of the Serbian south province Kosovo and Metohija as well as National Liberation Army (ONA) in 2001 in Macedonia, was killed on July 3 in Syria in clashes with members of the Kurdish community.

At the beginning of May in Syria, in the ranks of rebels, guerrilla groups of the opposition movement “Jabha al-Nusrete”, Rasim Zeciri (28), from the village of Beloviste near Gostivar in western Macedonia, was also killed.

Despite the denial of the competent Ministry of Internal Affairs of Macedonia (MIA), that there are no illegal camps in Macedonia to train fighters of terrorist groups linked to Islamic branches of so-called “White al-Qaeda” in the Balkans, security forces in Skopje repeated warnings that from such “places” were sent reinforcements to rebels in Syria, more than 140 Albanian guerrillas from Macedonia and neighboring countries.

The reason for the denial of MIA of Macedonia was information by Russian radio “Voice of Russia”, on activities of Islamists in the Balkans, known as “white devils” in Macedonia, Albania and the territory of Kosovo and Metohija. The information specifies that the volunteers in camps are trained to perform suicide attacks in the service of creating a unified Islamic state on the territory – Bosnia, Albania, Kosovo, Macedonia, south Serbia and Montenegro.

These terrorist operations in the Balkans are predicted with, as stated, Islamist plan “Europe 3000″. With reference to information of Russian intelligence services, it was pointed out to several places in the Balkans where future terrorists are being trained, under the guise of “humanitarian organizations”, largely funded by sales of smuggled weapons and narcotics. It is aimed at recruiting Bosnians and Albanians – muslims of “Slavic look”, who would later easily enter and move through America and Europe conducting the plan for creating an Islamic Europe, without causing attention and suspicion by the security services. It is concluded that behind the training of Islamist forces for terrorist suicide actions is Albanian National Army (ANA or ACS), the successor to the terrorist so-called Kosovo Liberation Army (KLA-UCK).

The dangers of spreading radical Islamism in the region, in several occasions were depreciated by the statements of the top of the Islamic community in Skopje, although the security information on the activities are opposite.

Former Macedonian intelligence officer, Ivan Babamovski, spoke for Novosti and recalled earlier reliable information and warnings, which are “still in force”, and that in Macedonia are located active Islamist network camps in “connection” with al-Qaeda. With this he explained the recruitment of fighters ready for insertion in the countries affected by the “Arab Spring”. Confirmation for this, he said, are the most recent examples of death of Islamist guerrillas from Macedonia engaged in the ranks of the rebels in Syria.