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Prvi na Guglu – ako želite da budete prvi na Guglu?
prvi na guglu

Prvi na Guglu – ako želite da budete prvi na Guglu?

Prvi na Guglu, kako biti prvi na Guglu, i kako da budem prvi na Guglu – pitanja su koja se najčešće postavljaju SEO agenciji kakva je Spektrum kooperativa. SEO agencija vam pomaže da budete prvi na Guglu za različite pretraživačke reči koje su u vezi sa vašim poslovanjem. Na taj način, omogućava vam se da vas pronađu vaši novi klijenti, vaše nove […]


Documentary about socio-political situation in Kosovo by Serbian journalist Milenko Sreckovic

Documentary about Kosovo will be a critical research of the living conditions of people in this region. It will reveal the real truth about Kosovo, one that is unknown and repressed by corruption, crime and ethnic hatred. Many relevant layers of the history will be presented and main contemporary issues dealt with in overt and unembellished manner: in the first […]

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Why US’s “collateral damage” and “errors” are not a war crime?

BELGRADE – Many innocent civilians were killed in American military interventions around the world – from Vietnam and Serbia to Iran and Afghanistan, because of the alleged “errors” or “collateral damage” – without consequences for civil and military leadership. In addition to political, military and every other power, Americans secured itself with legal mechanisms. Twenty-two civilians, wounded and doctors, among […]

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Palestine Supports Serbia on Kosovo

BELGRADE, June 10, 2015 – Serbian President Tomislav Nikolic stated on June 10, after a meeting with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, that Palestine was decisively against the recognition of Kosovo’s independence. Abbas stated that Palestine appreciated the support of Serbia during the vote on Palestine’s observer status in the United Nations, stressing the “historically friendly relations which bind the two […]